Mirage 2000 HUD

Hello everyone,

I created this topic to find out if some of you have information regarding the HUD of the Mirage 2000

I recently spent some time on DCS and the HUD on the Mirage 2000 is very different from the one we have on war thunder, I wanted to know which version is correct and, if the war thunder one is incorrect, get sources if you have some so that I can write a bug report

The missing information on the HUD are:

  • AoA Indicator for the 2000-5F (video 1)
  • Clock for the 2000-5F (video 1)
  • Terrain avoidance arrow (video 2 at 1.33 and 3.44, video 3)
  • Course indicator for CCRP (first existing bug report)

The stall sound is also missing in the cockpit.


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