Mirage 2000-5F Talisman vs Mirage F1C-200

I’ve never bought a talisman before, so I’m asking this now in preparation for the next major update.
If I buy a talisman, does it act the same way as a premium vehicle? as in offering no rp reduction from researching a vehicle any rank below it

Talisman just increases its RP gains by 100% I dont beleive it has any impact on research effeciency. So if your interest is to use a vehicle to grind a significantly lower BR vehicle. I’d go for the Premium.

Mirage F1c-200 is also suppose to be a very good aircraft, regardless of the premium bonuses

(that being said. might be worth waiting till summer sales. Should be half price within the next month or so)

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Already have the f1c, just was curious if the talisman would be worth it, especially since playing the f1c isn’t super fun in uptiers

It depends entirely on what you want to research.

I recently Talismaned the Tornado Gr1 as its a good grinder (in SB) for Rank 8 stuff and I dont want to buy either the F4J or Mig-21. My other premiums are too low for grinding the new stuff coming in.

ic, maybe i should get the talisman anyways, so i can have a more enjoyable experience researching the belgian f16s and the rafales in the future.
also do talismans go onsale during sales? i cant remember

I dont beleive so. But there is usually a GE sale near Christmas. (we did just have a 30% sale for them for the aniversary)

But for grinding the F-16 then something like the Mirage 2KSF might be worth talismanning.

alright, I’ll hold off for now incase theres a sale between the time the update drops and when i start researching the first rank 7 in the belgian line

As another thing of note. If you can get into it. Then SB is great for grinding. Especially in a good premium with a decent bomb load like the F1C.

Always ground targets to hit and usually fairly easy to get to targets. The worse uptier you’ll see is the odd F-14A or Tornado F3.

Just takes learning the sim controls and gamemode. A bit of a learning curve but well worth it

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ive played the f1c once in sim and got 7 kills, and then died 3 times doing schenanigans
I’d also try the f.3 in sim if we actually had a functional hud too 💔

Yeah… FRS1, FA2 and F3 all need functional HUDs ASAP

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f1c cockpit is rly nice for sim though, since it has a gauge for G’s right next to the hud and it seems reasonably accurate

Yeah, its my planned pruchase this coming sale