Minimalist sight? like a sniper

does anyone have a minimalist sight? I would literally just like the scratches on the screen, just the distance counter that appears when using the rangefinder.

As a sniper scope: But totally clean, just scratches.

Here a minimalist sight. (915 Octets)

If you want, you can found many and many other sights here:

do you have one without those horizontal lines? I’m looking for it but I can’t find it :(

You want only the two main vertical and horizontal lines on the sight? (737 Octets)

Yes!! It was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much, speechless!
Do you mess with it? It was perfect in the arcade, but in realism it’s too thin to see far away targets. On modern tanks it’s perfect because of the zoom, but on old tanks it’s almost invisible. Would it be possible to increase the thickness when it is not zoomed in?
I tried using the program to edit the crosshairs, but I just didn’t understand anything.

The problem is that the line gets bigger as you zoom in. With large zoom lenses (on modern machines, for example), if you put a thin line in zoomed mode, it will be almost invisible under normal magnification.

I understand, in this case it is perfect for modern tanks.
I would like a second version to select it for older tanks, where the no-zoom line is thicker.

Here. (1,3 Ko)

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Just perfect my comrade!

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