Mini Map in arcade ground battles

A number of times now I’ve been bombed and/or strafed by air units in ground arcade battles while sitting in the middle of the map.

Issue is, the planes are not showing up on the mini map - they attack without any advance notice and kill me, without any chance to defend or retaliate.

Now I could see this might be possible with bombs - if they are dropped before the plane shows on the map. But strafing? The planes need to be quite close, and since I’m not on the edge of the map, I’m confused as to why I don’t notice them before they are in range. And to specify - this is often while I am in SPAA and actively looking to the skies for air attacks.

from my experiences in arcade, it depends, because the planes often don’t immediately be marked on your map. It could be related to your crew skills

The easiest way to notice them is when you see the plane spawning icon on the bottom, you scan each 4 corners of the horizon to see where they’re coming from. then mark them using the “air alert” (press 6-1)

Another tip is that the planes target tanks that are easy to hit, that means anything that’s light and or not moving. So keep moving if you can

Now for SPAA, this keep moving thing also apply to it. Make sure you fully utilize the target lock + the aim director because those are useful for hitting things on the move. If you don’t want to move, you need to find a solid cover higher than your anti air, like a building or rocks or something, that way if you cant hit the planes, you can just fall back behind cover

Thanks for the tip on 6-1.

Not too worried about getting killed by planes legtimately - it’s part of the game.
It’s the “invisible” ones that concern me - having zero chance to get in a blow before I die.