Mine protection for German Leopard 2A6

With this update, mine protection is introduced into the game for the Leopard 2A7V, Leopard 2S PLSS (Strv 122B PLSS) and Leopard 2S “Evolution” (Strv 122B+) as a separate modification of the tank, but it is not added for the German version of the Leopard 2A6, which received it in 2006/7, acquiring the index “M” - Modernized.



In this sub-modification, almost nothing has changed, except for the addition of mine protection and the replacement of the hydraulic turret drive with an electric one. Therefore, I propose to add it for this tank, in this update, with the name changing from Leopard 2A6 to Leopard 2A6M by installing a modification, for example, as happens with the T-80B/BV

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No need that. It will be better :

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