MIM-72E missile does not appear to be smokeless


I recently unlocked the Chaparral for the US ground tech tree. Once I unlocked the MIM-72E, I noticed that the missile does not appear to create less smoke than the stock MIM-72C. I thought the MIM-72E missiles were smokeless engines going by the missile data for War Thunder. Below are screenshots from the test drive showing the smoke trails of both missiles the Chaparral can fire.



This is where I got my information from, so I know it might not be 100% accurate. So, I am hoping somebody that knows for a fact if the MIM-72E is a smokeless rocket engine or not.

Also wiki confirms this too.

If the MIM-72E is indeed a smokeless motor than this bug needs to be fixed. Currently the Chaparral is the only SAM that does not have IRCCM on its missile so they can be easily defeated with countermeasures. Having the upgraded missile be a smokeless motor will allow to you the opportunity to launch a missile undetected.


It used to be smokeless, I think the 72G is as well, but both got changed at some point randomly and hasn’t been changed back since. If it’s not already, I suggest bug reporting it.


Looks like it has been bug reported and acknowledged about 2 weeks ago. Let’s hope it gets fixed sooner than later.

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Fingers crossed! (Cries in Imp. Chaparral with this thing as our top tier SPAA)

We need more bug reports on this to garner more attention to the problem. There is a report I found where Gaijin acknowledged it but it’s been 2 weeks since then, and they fixed the ADATS smokeless motors in the first week of the update breaking those too.
More Reports = More Attention