MIM-104 is needed for Balance


Since the russian tech tree features the Pantsir S1 (Entered Service in 2012) with 20km range. The addition of the MIM-104 (Entered Service in 1981) is needed for balance. More specifically the MIM-104C. This would be loaded with the MIM-104F PAC-3 Missile. This system can be loaded with 16 missiles.

This would help balance the game out tremendously making sure other nations are able to counter the 20km range of the Pantsir.

Current operators who should get it and have used it in their militaries are:

Germany (Flugabwehrraketengeschwader 1).
Sweden (Luftvarnssytem 103 (Anti-air system 103)).

The patriot doesn’t have a radar, and needs to use a separate radar vehicle. How would that work in War Thunder

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MIM-104 has multiple radar options. It can be outfitted with RADAR, or a double trailer with RADAR. I have seen way worse done on active duty than pulling two trailers… like pulling a disabled vehicle hooked to a trailer hooked to a turtle…

You would equip the MIM-104 as a battery with 16 missiles, and then attach the smaller RADAR trailer to the back.

As a minimum the Patriot requires a control vehicle, a radar trailer, and a missile trailer. How do you propose that works in War Thunder? And no, you can’t combine all three into a single land-train like vehicle.

Also the MIM-104F, which you are proposing, has a range of ~100 km. So even if it could be made to work in game (I don’t think it can as a playable vehicle) all you are doing is changing the problem from “Russia has an OP AA” to “America has an OP AA”.

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