Mikoyan MiG-29A for USA

Mikoyan MiG-29A & Sukhoi Su-27

United States
In 1997, the United States purchased 21 Moldovan MiG-29 aircraft under the Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program. Fourteen were MiG-29S models, which are equipped with an active radar jammer in its spine and are capable of being armed with nuclear weapons. Part of the United States’ motive to purchase these aircraft was to prevent them from being sold to Iran.[167] This purchase could also provide the tactical jet fighter communities of the USAF, the USN and the USMC with a working evaluation and data for the MiG-29, and possibly for use in dissimilar air combat training. Such information may prove valuable in any future conflicts and can aid in the design and testing of current and future weapons platforms. In late 1997, the MiGs were delivered to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, though many of the former Moldovan MiG-29s are believed to have been scrapped. Some of these MiG-29s are currently on open display at Nellis AFB, Nevada; NAS Fallon, Nevada; Goodfellow AFB, Texas; and Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

Su-27 Flanker On Display At The USAF Museum Originally Imported To Be ...
United States’s Su-27UB


were they ever flown in actual tests or by the air force for training’s?

Private corporations aren’t used.
On top of that USA has a better jet already.


Yes they do, but this should be like Special Challenge, like the Object 292 or a July 4th Premium Vehicle

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Lmao, no.


Yes, give me a commie jet for Merica day! XD


Every single “enemy” plane that US acquired was used in some kind of tests, most notably in programs like Top Gun, where planes like the Mig-17, 21, 29, SU-27 were used to train US pilots against adversary planes’ capabilities.

Not saying I want these in the US tree, but it’s a helluva better reason than a test target Tiger 2 that Sweden is getting.

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Why do you want to deprive the majors of their uniqueness?

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I completely agree.
If the Swedes can get the Tiger II, then let the Americans get every type of MiG the Americans have ever captured or in any way owned.

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Does this mean Britain can get every single tank in Bovington?


Who would win Kubinka or Bovington


Yes Sir :)

Quick Google

Kubinka “more than 50”

Bovington has “nearly 300”

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By Gaijin logic?
Of course.

Everything to everyone.

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Nearly forgot Kubinka is also apart of Patriot Park, so that’s fun lol

so youre comparing the amount of foreign vehicles in kubinka against the total amount of vehicles in bovington, seems like a bit missleading…

Do you wish to know how many nations have a MiG-29 currently?

Yeah Sweden shouldn’t really get it, but I feel that that Gaijin is doing some mental parkour when it comes to balancing, but the US already has like 5 12.+ Vehicles with more to come, while that’s the only Swedish heavy tank they could’ve added

You understand how many foreign vehicles are at bovington, right?

Kranvagn and KV-1 crying in the corner