Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29M (9-15) - what the fulcrum would have been

What kind of integrated targeting system? like MIG27K or su25t?

Do you have the photos to prove it could take 6 kH29?

For some reason the figure can’t be extended on the original post, but if i’m not mistaken the eleventh item confirms that it’s most likely similar to the mig27k

afaik there’s no actual photos showing 6 kh29, but the article that we originally got the figure containing the payloads and some other sources we linked all suggests that it can indeed carry that amount

No, it’s a IRST, same as what we have in MIG-23/29s in game. This is not a targeting pod. Mig-35 has one targeting pod under air inlet.


thx for clarifying

Nope, it uses the laser of the IRIST telemeter to guide the laser guided variants.

Is there any similar equipment in the game?I’m curious to see how it will perform

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As far as I know there’s none in game. Although it would be strange if it performed worse than a MiG-27K, at the same time obviously we can’t expect the same performance of western targeting pods from it

Like su-25? using hud to guide

The closest aircraft to this is the MiG-29SMT, it should basically work the same way except it can also fire laser guided weapons

Someone say all mig-29 can use kh-25, but need to be guided by others. I think it’s reasonable, as su-25 has a laser window on front while mig-29 surely don’t.

Normal MiG-29s don’t, the 29M can use the laser of the IRST

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According to this article: How good was Mig-29m 9.15 - Military and Aviation - ED Forums

The integrated system did have thermals and this same article lists the L-150 as the aircraft RWR instead of the Spo-15T.
This features may have been added later in the 90s and probably were not there when prototype 156 was completed in 1991.


Amazing job man, hopefully they will take this article into account.


I believe the Thermal Imagining part was for a planned/Proposed Targeting pod, I’m guessing that much at least

“It was furthermore envisioned to equip the aircraft with pod containing an Electro-Optical system comprising laser, TV and thermal imaging”

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Yeah that together with the L-150 were probably only planned upgrades, the prototypes probably never received neither the pod nor the upgraded RWR

The only pod I can find is T-220, which is very new, only for MIG-29M2 and MIG-35. Sources say upgraded smt too, but no photos.


Can it use this pod?


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unfortunately not the MiG-29M 9-15

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But MiG-29M 9-15 can use the nose IRST for designating ground targets right? Btw how effective is that method? How does IRST even emit laser?