Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 & MiG-31 Foxbat / Foxhound - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

It is %99 standard equipment at this point, that’s why they don’t state the obvious probably.

…which is precisely what I said? I quote myself…

“basically upgraded what was already there (BVR/Radar/Processing ability) to something approaching modern standards - plus the ability to integrate newer Russian missiles.”


Errrm no - aircraft specs don’t really work like that, particularly with upgrade programs which cost a metric tonne and take a lot of time. If you are spending a significant sum to upgrade a pretty specialised 1980s airframe you are going to be specific as to what you do and do not need.

For an air-defence interceptor that’s going to be radar, sensors, weapons systems. Stuff that relates to the mission.

It isn’t going to be a helmet-mounted-sight that might be useful on the 1-1000 chance that your massive interceptor might somehow end up in a dogfight against an opponent who somehow is so incompetent/slow/clumsy that you might might somehow get a high-aspect missile shot at point-blank range. Vanishingly unlikely.

Why not just look at MiG-31BM cockpit and not to find any photodetectors for HMS?

Modern Russian HMS are Sura (produced in Ukraine) series for modern Fulcrums and Flankers and NSTs-S for modern Flankers.

What would they look like?


So, like this thing?


There aren’t many good pictures of the cockpit but it seems like there’s one of these on each side of the HUD.


Of course I am open to alternative explanations. The clearest picture I could find doesn’t quite look like what you posted.

Just some warning lights, such location of photodetectors would cause loss of helmet’s reference emitters by photodetectors while head moving.

Here is seen good. There are even 3 of these lights and they are same as on the panel under the HUD.


Well, that explains that

Just give us premium MiG-31K with X-47M2 to safe farm enemy bases

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