Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 PFU: One Fancy Fresco... E

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 PFU: One Fancy Fresco…

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 PFU "Fresco E"

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Back with another one! Following the theme of early-era missile carriers, we have the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 PFU, a modified MiG-17 with a afterburning engine, radar, and missiles!

Basic Information


  • MiG-17 PFU (Military)

  • SP-6 (Manufacturer)


  • “MiG-17 PFU" (Official)

  • “Fresco E” (NATO Code)


  • Fighter

  • Interceptor


  • 1


  • Mikoyan-Gurevich Aerospace Company

Total built:

  • 40 Aircraft

First Flight:

  • 1952



  • Length: 11.36 m (37.27 ft)

  • Wingspan: 9.63 m (31.59 ft)

  • Wing Area: 22.6 m² (243.26 ft²)

  • Height: 3.8 m (12.46 ft)

Flying Performance:

  • Engine(s):

    • 1x Klimov VK-1F afterburning turbojet

      • 2,600 kgf (25.49 kN, 5,732 lbf) standard thrust

      • 3,380 kgf (33.14 kN, 7,451.6 lbf) with afterburner

  • Max Speed:

    • 1,141 km/h (709 mph, 616 kts) at sea level
  • Service Ceiling:

    • 57,000 ft (17,000 m)
  • Rate of Climb:

    • 31.6 m/s (103.67 ft/s) at sea level
  • Max Range:

    • 1,295 km (804.67 mi, 699 nmi) Standard

    • 1,850 km (1,149.5 mi, 999 nmi) With External Fuel

  • Aircraft Weight:

    • 3,798 kg (8,373 lbs) Empty

    • 5,930 kg (13,073 lbs) Max


  • Main Gun:

    • 1x 23mm Nudelman-Rikhter NR-23 autocannon

      • 850 RPM

      • 80 Rounds

  • Hardpoints (Possible Loadouts):

    • 4x Kaliningrad K-5 (RS-1U) Beam-Riding Air-to-Air Guided Missiles

Additional Equipment:

  • Radar:

    • RP-1U “Izumrud” search & tracking radar

Usage In Battles

The MiG-17 PFU would be a fantastic start to AAM carriers in the soviet tech tree, as users would be familiar to the MiG-17, and its respective capabilities. While it would lack most of the powerful cannons the MiG-17 is known for, it more than would make up for it with its 4 missiles.


  • Fantastic Maneuverability

  • Carries 4 AAMs


  • Significantly smaller dogfighting capability

  • K-5 missiles are Beam-Riding, meaning they require a continous lock to be guided properly


The MiG-17 PFU was the product of the SP-15 program, a military venture to extend the service life and modernize the aging MiG-17 airframes of the Soviet Union and her Pact members. The PFUs were modified from MiG-17 PF airframes, and came in a variety of modifications, varying from the SP-9 variant which equipped four ARO-57-6 “Vichr” automatic-firing rocket launchers instead of its cannon armament, to the SP-16 which had a improved radar and RS-2U missiles.

The MiG-17 PFU (SP-6) was the first of these variants, being a Modified MiG-17 PF model with a reduced cannon armament to just one 23mm autocannon, but now was able to carry four of the Kaliningrad K-5, or RS-1U guided AAMs.

The first flight of the MiG-17 PFU took place in 1952, and with satisfactory results, was approved for production, however the order was canceled, having only 40 produced. The MiG-17 PFU saw no action and was soon retired shortly after her introduction, being replaced by more capable aircraft.

Additional Photos

Front view of MiG-17PFU. Radar & Cannon are visible

Technical Drawings & Data

Technical Drawing of a MiG-17PFU

Outline/Silhouette of MiG-17PFU


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Wings of the Motherland - Nikolay Yakubovich

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I’d really like to see more of the early AAM carriers in game.


+1, more beam riding air to air missiles


Swift F7 equivalent missiles on Mig-17? Yes please.

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The US has an equivalent of this on the Sabre don’t they? More early missiles and their carriers would be nice

Definitely yes. I want to see more tier VI stuff for USSR.

It can carry the missiles and the gun simultaneously? I’m asking because I know the MiG-19PM with the same missile armament has no guns. Interesting that the older, smaller MiG-17 airframe could mount both at once.

At any rate, I’d love to see more beam-riding AAMs no matter how much they suck.

MiG-17PFU SP-15 didnt have guns but SP-6 had one NR-23.