Mig29 smt need more flare

The Russian army provides the MiG 29S, MiG 29SMT, MiG 29M and MiG 35 with an additional 50mm large-caliber thermal bomb dispenser as standard equipment, as a supplement to the 60 original small-caliber thermal bomb dispensers on the back of the aircraft. Installed below. There are four groups installed on the dispenser, each group has 14 rounds, totaling 56 rounds of large-caliber heat decoys. Counting the 60 rounds on the back, there are a total of 116 rounds of heat decoys.


Your picture doesnt work, But is this an external/hardpoint dispenser?

sorry,i m try uploading the image again

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Whilst we wait for it to do whatever it is its doing (still cant actually see the pictures)

is this external, hardpoint mounted pod?

is it flare only?

i give up,shit net,you can see picture in this web
哔哩哔哩相簿,绘你所想,拍你所爱 is a bit like the 12 flare pod on Mig23m and MLD

That link doesnt work either for me :D. Maybe because im in the UK. Either way.

If its flare only, then I think we might see these things in the future. There is big hope for a counter-measures overhaul tha would see flare and chaff seperated into 2 different things. Not “CM” split via an option in the spawn menu.

The issue is that if its flare only, then added now it would theoretically give both flare and chaff count increases. Its the same reason the Tornado IDS is limited to 28 CMs per BOZ pod. In reality its 28 flares and 600 chaff per BOZ pod.

With seperated flare and chaff counts. Flare only and Chaff only pods could be added onto aircraft exactly like this. (I think the Jaguar has a similar pod for chaff only for example) Until then, I dont think this will be added.

But even just the seperated CMs with the new RWR might be all top tier jets actually need as it might mean you can just deploy chaff to defeat radar lock and save your flares for another time


yes,top tier aircraft requiring separate placement of thermal induction and aluminum foil

Thank you

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