Mig23ML vs Su25k

Hi, I am looking at grinding the Russian tech tree but I don’t know whether I should get the Mig23ML of the Su25k. I am not new to top tier and have played a lot of the Phantom FGR.2. I understand that the Mig23ML has a very powerful radar for BVR but I am honestly only interested in the highest potential rp/hour, I have experience with bad planes so I could certainly learn the worst if I could potentially get a higher amount of rp/hour.

MiG-23ML if you are capable in top tier. J-band makes it easy for people to club unsuspecting F-4Ss

The Su-25k is not a good long term grinder. The Mig-23ML is going to be much, much better in the long run, and will help you master many of the aspects of those later jets while you get there. The Su-25k is better for bombing bases, but you are going to be the primary target of just about everyone in every game.

Pure grinding purposes ML anyday over SU-25K , it’s only good for ground games.
And besides, you get to research full tree, without penalties in it.

mi23 ml is all good on him u have good missles u can goo 1400kmh but radar look down mode suks hard

The Mig-23ML is a better grinder, but if you haven’t gotten any top tier jets before, it’s a massive learning curve. It’s massively different than anything like a F-5 or Su-25K/Su-39. Only buy it if you’re willing to learn a lot about how to use it (if you haven’t already)

MiG-23ML is arguably the best premium in the game, might even be better than the F-20A coming soon. It’s incredibly powerful, easy to use, and hella fun. You’ll probably find yourself getting at least 2-3 kills per game since you’ll be fighting mostly noobs who underestimate the R-24R.
With the Su-25K you might get a bit higher rewards but it’s pure “run bomb die repeat” gameplay which honestly I’d say isn’t worth like 10% more RP.

For the ML, stay low, probably even lower than the FGR2. You’ve got good enough manueverability to easily avoid crashing (the MiG-23 doesn’t lock up like the F-4, it is responsive up until wing rip at Mach 1.2) and you’ll want to fire your R-24Rs upwards if possible. I use the extra 12 CM instead of extra fuel. You are not very manueverable swept, but unswept you can pull some good AoA and have decent sustained turn, comparable to the F-4. Once you use afterburner to get to a speed where you go full sweep, your dry thrust is enough to maintain ~Mach .97. You can outrun pretty much any 3rd gen in a straight line but acceleration is average. Using MTI (only works at low altitude) an R-24R launched within 8km in a head-on will have like a 95% kill rate, even beating out AIM-7F/M and R-27R/ERs in a joust. Speaking of jousts, your radar has a pretty wide scope so use that F-pole. In a tail-chase it’s got poor energy and shouldn’t be launched at more than around 3km. R-60Ms are definitely the weak link of the aircraft. They have low range and will chase a wet fart over an afterburning opponent. In a head-on, launch at under 1.2km for a reliable kill. In a tail-chase, half that. Finally, the GSh-23L is far inferior to the M61, with extremely poor velocity, wide spread, and limited ammunition. But I’m sure you’ll get used to it, just probably try to use it only at extremely close range. There’s also no radar lead indication like on the F-4, so you gotta be extra careful on when you use your 200 rounds.

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I have a top tier gripen so that shouldnt be a problem

Also thank you for your responses, I think I’ll get the MiG23ML

Some quick and hopefully helpful things to note about the MiG-23;
I highly suggest you learn how to use manual wing sweep controls, you can use it to keep your wings further out than they would be automatically, and thus retain energy better (the wings won’t snap usually unless your above Mach 1.03 and they are 100% out)

It has the ability to rip its wings off in a straight line, so use after burning stages to your advantage to sit slightly below your speed limit and conserve your fuel.

I also suggest taking 1 R-13M1 instead of 2 R-60Ms on one of the lower fuselage pylons, they offer great flare resistance since they are basically just Aim-9Js, and very useful for rear aspect shots in which a R-60 would fail.

Finally I suggest taking the R-24Rs over the R-24Ts, they are just much more viable, meanwhile R-24Ts can be more situational and easy to flare if the energy is aware of its presence and knows how to flare it. The R-24R is decently maneuverable and can murder any Aim-7 slinger in a head on as your missile will reach the target first in most cases depending on when you both fire the missile, however lacks range and energy over time (very noticeable when the motor burns out)

When custom fuel choices come, I suggest taking 25 minutes along with the extra large caliber countermeasure on the center pylon, they will come in handy against any Aim-9Ms from F-15s.

Finally, just remember to stay fast, you’re extremely sluggish at low speeds, and the cannon can be hard to aim if you’re not used to it, need to keep quite a lot.

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SU-25K is a fun plane and capable of those 5+ kill matches but you are at the mercy of an f-5 if one decides to want you dead.