MIG23ML and other rank 7 premiums

I’ve been playing war thunder for quite some time and believe me, the MIG-23ML and F-4S have to do something to them. It can’t be that 10.3 matches them and they end up fighting and destroying everything in their path. Apart from that, the majority are level 30 or 20 players. The MIG-21SMT and MF should raise it to 11.0 or 10.7 because at 10.3 they are super broken with 4 R60 you are supersonic, maneuverable, you have 64 flares, bone radar missiles and a low tier matches you against 9.7 or 9.3 also the premium ones We have to see what they do with the R-24R that are unmissable like an R27ER and the AIM7F also at least raise it or I don’t know but I find that it is unfair carrying subsonic planes without flares and 30G missiles or with a 10.3 plane fighting against F-4S or MIG23ML rape you and they are only players level 30 or less I hope someone agrees that gaijin fixes this later because they have been around since “Apex Predators”

I can’t say much for the topic on hand, but why, may I ask, is this in the “national communities” section??

if you want Mig21 SMT and MF on 10.7 or 11.0, play on the J-7E or J-7D, they are almost identical, and you know what I will say as a player who has these machines and played on them? 21SMT/21MF are sitting where they belong, they will be unplayable on 10.7 and 11.0