Mig23 radar?

Did they seriously make it so that mig23 cant choose mti mode but has to do some weird angles to enable it? Its radar is useless without mti all the time
Is there a bypass to this?

Fly low. There is also some trick by switching to ACM, flying high and then switching back to search but I am not sure if it still works.

Even when flying at ground level it doesnt turn to MTI ;/ already cost me a kill

Which MiG-23 are you flying?

ML and MLA

That’s weird, there seems to be no Search MTI anymore, but it’s still present in ACM. It’s either bugged or they removed it.

Wow its intentional
Great job snail
11.0 mig23 ml when

It’s neither bugged nor removed. You just need to point your radar downwards now. You can point your radar down manually.

Screenshot from 2024-06-28 12-43-07

I marked at which radar elevations MTI works.

It will still break and switch to normal search depending on angle no? Making it very easy to dodge with chaff

I am not sure, I don’t play MiG-23s. I think it will remain in MTI if you lock someone in it.

It doesn’t MTI only works below 1800m while facing downwards you can force the mig-23 radar to switch to basic SRC even if its locked onto you by literally just flying slightly above the mig its pretty funny couple that with the mig-23 FM nerf its kinda sad how bad the Mig-23 are now especially the base 23M and 27M/K


One of the many reasons I skipped all 23s

Well before this update they were really great. I hope they revert this radar change

It does not

The MiG-23s were very strong but not quite OP before this update. Then they got a huge FM nerf, which made it balanced. It now couldn’t really dogfight anything except F-104s at its BR, but the MiG-23ML(A/D)s have always lived and died by their R-24Rs. With the radar changes they’re now useless, literally only able to kill players who are AFK or sub level 20 premiums.

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If its realistic then it should stay otherwise they should change it.

There are many unrealistic things for balance in the game.