Mig23 MLD can it use KH-66 air to ground missiles just a quick question

I don’t know but if it did it would be cool if added

Being mainly an interceptor, i’d imagine not. Though others on here are certainly more knowledgable than me, so I could be wrong

I do not have the most knowledge about the X-66 but I can tell you that it was an internim weapon, basically a repurposed K-5 A-A missile.
From what I’ve read it was only intended for the MiG-21PFM.
The Kh-23 that followed it was a weapon that was supposed to improve on the concept and was to be introduced on the MiG-23. There is, however, no proof ( that I could find at least, do correct me if I’m wrong) that the actual X-66 was ever put on a MiG-23, only the prototypes of the Kh-23 since even that experienced delays.