Mig21 SPSK is terrible

9.3 plane at 10.0 BR what could go wrong???
Has to choose between flares/guns
When you choose guns they need very high skill to operate too, because they are meh
Slow to accelerate
Terrible at turning
Carries only 2 of the missiles that cause it to be at this BR.
This plane feels like a scam in every way, probably why they removed it from the store.
meanwhile mig21mf at only 0.3 br higher:
has better engine
carries 4x r60
has guns AND countermeasures
in short: MUCH MUCH better at EVERYTHING while being just 0.3 br higher.
having access to 2 pylons and r60/r13m1 is not a justification for being at 10.0 with this god forsaken plane, yak38 has 4xr60 and somehow is at 9.3
pls move this to atleast 9.7

Move it down huh. Okay, move it to 1.0, compress shit harder bud.
Skill issue, u wasted money, congratulations lmao


Come back here when you dodged R-60s that is launched from MiG-21s with your Venom FB.4.


i like the SPS-K

BTW, Isn’t it technically possible to carry x4 R-60/R-60Ms?

Someone told me that SPS-K could carry same missile launchers from MiG-21bis so, If it is actually true, it can move up to 10.3BR with good reasons when MF/SMT moved up to higher BR.

No, here are its loadout options:

personally, i use this:

The plane is fine where it is tbh, you take the loadout you want for how you are playing. i take 2x R-3R’s and 1x R-60, which means i only actually have one less R-60 than the MF, which i take 2x R-3R’s and 2x R-60’s on. you take the flare pod with mixed chaff if you want to try to play altitude with the R-3R’s, and you take the gun if you want to try low altitude dogfighting. The Mig-21 is an interceptor design, and because of the delta wing it bleeds energy extremely quickly in turns, but it can pull some quite tight turns until it bleeds its energy, so if you are forced to, you can get gun kills on manouvering targets fairly easily with a bit of practice with the gun. For the R-3R’s you basically want to use them against things that you know wont have chaff, and exclusively against targets head on. J35’s are an easy target because while they can have chaff, they dont have an RWR, so they will not see you locking them.


I mean historical and technical…

R3Rs and R13s are good enough for that BR.If F8E can survive at that BR with a somewhat worse armament I dont see any reason why SPS-K would suffer.

I mean, there’s really no comparison between those two, the F-8C and especially the E are just better off, no doubts there i hope.

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Oh no idea then

Gee, wonder why the substantially worse plane is at a lower BR, hmmm?

hmmm spsk is a 9.3 plane but it was given these missiles and somehow that is worthy 0.7 increase, hmmmm

And the countermeasures, and the radar, and the RWR, and the R-3R missiles, and the R-13M1’s.

The R60’s aren’t the only reason its not at 9.3. Its perfectly fine at 10.0.

lol if you justify spsk being at 10.0 it means you arent worth the time to talk to.
I didnt even say it should be at 9.3
you have 37 battles in spsk, you have no right to speak.

its not about the missiles, its about the plane being bad.


And I didn’t say you said that.



okay, well I am telling you the SPS-K is just fine at 10.0


How is it bad?It has decent speed and decent missiles.It may not have a good gun but some practice can help you get better at it.Many planes at that BR cannot chase that thing.Also the thing is it’s a delta wing aircraft,you are not supposed to turn fight people in it.

wow, it took you only 800+ battles to have this plane have any positive stats at all

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everything can be a bully if used right. Problem is with how hard it is to use it right.