MiG-9 Late

The Mig 9 late is pretty decent but one thing i find odd is how it has fuel tanks on the ends of its wings, fuel pods werent pursued on Mig-9s and the aircraft in service didnt have them? Gaijin why must you do this to us? make Fuel pods optional

I hope they make tip fuel pods removable, kinda like how extra fuel tanks are on some modern jets.

The f84’s, F2h & F9f aircraft also would do great with this change.

funnily enough, if you take max hvar rockets on the f84, it will actually remove the tip tanks. why this isn’t already modelled with custom configurations is beyond me


The thing is some of those wingtip tanks actually benefit the aircraft, despite how goofy they look. They act as a counterweight which prevents too much wing flex on straight wings at high speeds. It’s the same phenomenon that F-16s fly with AMRAAMs on the wingtips for.

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The banshee had its fuel tanks become optional. It would be cool if the Venom FB.4 had that treatment too, along with the F-84s and MiG-9s.