MiG-29's and F-4J & S HMD's are broken in VR


The HMD’s for these jets (maybe others, I’m not sure because I don’t own those jets) are broken in simulator + VR. It just won’t show up at all, there normally is a green circle that shows where your head is pointing and aiming at but now that green circle is fixed into the hud and wont show up on your display like it normally would without VR.

Bug was reported in the other bug report forums around 9 months ago and we still don’t have a fix to it.


I don’t know about the MiG-29 but the F-4J forces HMD when trying to lock an AIM-9 and it makes it completely unusable in VR. It’s almost impossible to get a lock and its especially bad when the target is right in front of you.