Mig-29G Battle Rating

The Mig 29G still has the same BR as the SMT right now but without any Fox 3s or additionally Countermeasures.
At that BR you need more then 60 CM in a 16v16 environment.

Now compared with the F-15A at 12.3 I don’t see the logic that it should stay at 12.7.
Both Planes get IRCCM Missiles, while the F15 has 4 Aim-7m‘s , the MiG 29g has 2 better R27er.
And the flight model of these two is like the difference between day and night. So could a change for the 29g to 12.3 happen?


Let’s not forget the F4 ICE, which gets 4 aim 120a and 4 aim 9L, while the Sea Harrier gets 4 aim 9m and 2 aim 120B AND is at 12.3. Of course, Gaijin has something personal against Germany; let’s also not forget how the Su 27SM is from 2004, while the counterparts from America and all other countries are from the 1970s. Their bias towards Russia is now very obvious: either they remove the f4 ICE since it is as useless as a normal phantom at 12.7 or decrease its br to 11.7 or lower since it is getting aim 9ls, which are equally garbage as the aim 120A, or they could do us a favor and add the eurofighter.


Mate F-15 we get in this update is F-15C MSIP II which is from 1985, and Su-27SM is shallow modernisation based mostly of systems from Su-27M from late 1980s

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SU 27SM Is not from 1980s lmfao, it entered service in 2004.


Okay I am sympathy with the current warthunder luftwaffe situation.
HOWEVER sir do you really think F-4 and Sea Harrier will have same flight performance?
The KWS does lack its necessary and rightful AIM-9Li but you choosed a wrong aircraft to compare it with.

Also the 120A/B ingame is pretty much like 7F/M i.e. copy paste

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The smt is 13.0 in the dev, the mig 29g is fine a 12.7.

Mate read once more what I’ve written. Su-27SM was introduced in 2004 but most of its systems are from late 80s/ early 90s and ware introduced on Su-27M just few years after F-15C MSIP II

Systems, okay, but the cas capability, its not there for the one your mentioning.

As far as I know Su-27M was multirole and was designed to carry Kh-25/29 and KAB bombs

From the 80’s and yet the F-15 will still have better flight performance and characteristics. I don’t see how people complain so much about introduction dates when they haven’t mattered in years If you want introduction dates to matter and have NATO be up to date then USA has an F-22 from 05, and first flight 97. The J7E is 94, the J-8 1990, these are newer than the F15 and yet the F15 dumpsters them. Hopefully this provides some insight that intro dates just do not matter in war thunder as much it seems.


I really dont care about production date, for now, I mainly care about the f4 ice getting the better missile, it getting aim 9ls and aim 120 shouldnt be at 12.7 at all.

I hope MiG-29G lost R-27ER1 & R-27ET1 and decrease BR to 12.3 (Air RB & Air SB) for this major update

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MiG-29 9.12 and 9.13 should lose the R-27ER in exchange for R-73 too


In dev server. I want R-73 & R-73E replace R-60 x6 but lose R-27ER and R-27ER1 & R-27ET1 from MiG-29 (9-13) (USSR), MiG-29 (9-12A) (GDR) and MiG-29 (9-12B) (HuAF)

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29g is not fine at 12.7, or at least it won’t be
firstly the electronics - smt gets far better radar and rwr, which will be crucial after the update drops

smt also gets almost twice as much countermeasures compared to 29g, and has almost 4 times more countermeasure ‘pops’

for grande finale - the number of missiles, after the update drops 29g will have the least missiles out of all top tiers - 6, which is as many as on the f16c ans smt, but compared to them two it lacks crucial systems and CM

surely the german migger overomes some of it’s flaws with better flightmodel, however with so many missiles around the flightmodel becomes more and more insignificant

it is fine at 12.7, and will keep being, the r27er keeps being quite strong.

again higher br, also just poping a single countermeasure does little, you have you use multiple or reinforced, at the end of the day it has less than twice

a 6 missile loadout is pretty common at these brs, you keep having as many missiles as the gripens, f16 the other mig 29s, aside form the su 27s, most planes have either the same or just 2 more.

Now if they were to loose the r27 er they can go down, i have no issue in that scenario as it should have never had them to begin with.

r27er will be strong still, however 29g will have only 2 of them

and yet 60 CM is the smallest amount of all toptier

yea, but also out of all planes that have 6 missiles 29g has the worst electronics and awarness and still 60CM

imo there is a simple solution - either it loses it’s 27ers and goes down, or it gets r77 (or in this case RWW-AE) to be competitive since it already uses the missiles it never did