MiG 29B (Bangladesh)

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Brief History:MiG 29B(9-12B) is a variant of MiG 29(9-12) for non Warsaw pact countries.Many nations bought MiG-29B. Some of those countries including Bangladesh upgraded their MiG 29B to deal with modern threats. Due to the weak state of Bangladesh Airforce in the 1990s the government decided to buy 4th Generation Fighter jets. Bangladesh originally wanted to buy F-16s from USA but due to the refusal from USA Bangladesh decided to buy it’s alternative which is the MiG 29. MiG 29B(9-12B) was bought by Bangladesh in 1999. It was Bangladesh’s first twin engine air superiority fighter jet. 16 MiG 29s were ordered by Bangladesh but due to certain reasons Bangladesh only accepted 8 MiG 29s.In 2001 the MiGs were put out of service by the Government. Later the MiGs were brought back to service again due to the need of an air superiority fighter. It was sent to Ukraine for overhauling and repairing. Since then the jet has received many upgrades. Recently(2020) it was upgraded from Belarus.It was upgraded at Belarus’s 558ARZ. The upgrade made it similar to MiG 29BM in terms of capability. Recent upgrades have converted this jet into a decent multirole fighter jet. Since it’s introduction this jet has participated in many interception missions.
Currently Squadron No.8 of Bangladesh Airforce operates this jet.

I think this jet would perform similar to the MiG-29G in game.


Engine:RD-33 series-2. Thrust:8300 kgf. In game thrust 6430 kgf(MiG 29G).

Fuel Capacity: Same as MiG 29(9-12B)

Max Speed:Mach 2.25.
2340 Km/H at higher altitude and 1400 Km/H near ground.

Flight Ceiling: ±18,000 m

Climb Rate: 330 m/s

Max Takeoff Weight: 18500 kg(Mig 29 BM). Since this jet doesnt have the enlarged spine so it should be lighter than the BM. So I think it should be able to carry more weight.

Cockpit: It received an improved cockpit with MFD and upgraded avionics. It also received a new flight computer and a control board for satellite ECM.


It’s MFI-55 I think.

Airframe: Same as MiG 29B(9-12B). It did not receive air to air refueling capability and enlarged spine of MiG 29BM. Since it was unnecessary for Bangladesh.

Armaments: This jet can carry a wide range of suspended armaments compared to the base MiG-29B. According to the tender requirement the jet should be able to carry all the suspended armaments of MiG 29SM(They probably meant SMT because BM variant is similar to SMT)


Air to Air:

  • RVV-AE(R-77).Proof:(Tender and brochure)
  • R-27R1
  • R-27T1
  • R-73E

Air to Ground:

  • KAB-500Kr
  • Kh-31A
  • Kh-29
  • Kh-25ML(Needs to be designated by another aircraft or drone)
  • S-8
  • S-24
  • Dumb bombs

Complete list of suspended armaments:


Radar: It probably uses N019M1 radar(N019 Radar | MiG Alley Military Aviation News). It is a X band Pulse doppler Radar. The radar can detect fighter sized targets from 150km away and ships from 350 km away. Specifications:






After upgrade:

KAB 500Kr:

Videos :

Bangladeshi Mig 29 at Lviv



1.Brochure:upgrade_MiG-29_aircraft_eng.rar (1.6 MB)
2.Satellite M2 ECM.


3.RVV-AE and R-73E.







5.RD-33 series 2.







Note:This is a draft post for my suggestion.Soon I will add more information.

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RD-33 Series 2 (1987) — a modification with an increased assigned resource to 1400 hours.

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Thank you.

If possible, you should submit them in the suggestion section.

I will.I’m just keeping it as a draft.

Anyone have any details about H019 radar?

On yours should be installed…N019MP or N019M1…
N019 Radar | MiG Alley Military Aviation News (toad-design.com)

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N019MP cannot use Kh-31,R77 so I think this jet uses N019M1 or Belarus equivalent.

What i found about the RD-33 Series 2 is that it got an electronic control block and they are the first RD-33 wich use the single-crystal process for the turbine blades.

Thank you.Since we already have RD-33 series 2 in MiG 29G I’ll just copy some information from there.

Kh-31A… for Kh-31P-hanging container…
БЕЛОРУССКИЙ МОДЕРНИЗИРОВАННЫЙ . Взлёт 2005 10 (wikireading.ru)

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In this website they are saying it uses N019P but in the brochure they are saying it uses H019.Since it’s a old website I think the radar might have been changed to H019 now.

It’s just the name of a family of radars…for example, N019E was installed on 9-12A \9-12B -that is, the export version …
Of course, taking into account the past time of 2003-2023, it is more logical to think that N019M1 is installed…but Belarus does not produce Radars, Russia’s permission and new parts from Phasatron are needed…at the same time, do not forget that almost the rest of the radar is being replaced-only the antenna and the transmitter unit remain …
It is advisable for you to find additional documents to determine the modification of the radar…

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So H is just N in russian language?


Confusion arises due to the fact that during export deliveries, inscriptions are often left in Russian and even the flight crew often uses a faster spelling of the letter H-… but correctly when translated into the Latin alphabet -N …
For example -Libyan 23-22B and Czechoslovak 23-12A…


Yeah such translation error often misleads people like me.