MiG-29 - why no R-73s? [PLEASE STAY SENSIBLE]

I know it’s a bit of a sore topic for certain members of the community who will immediately complain about bias or some other bullkak, so let’s keep this chat sensible.

Is there any reason the 12.0 MiG-29s don’t have R-73s and R-27ER/ETs? Balance at the BR range, or…?
And if balance is an issue, couldn’t they just be raised to 12.3 and have the missiles added? Though that does beg the question of what 12.0 would replace them… the only 12.0 in either Germany OR Russia is the Yak-141M, so it’d leave them with nothing.

Why not an interim solution such as R-73s on MiG-29s?

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Both Russia and Germany have MiG-29s with and without R-73s. It’s done this way so as to have different aircraft at different Bars.

For the Soviets, the MiG-23MLD could replace the MiG-29 at 12.0 just fine if it was fixed. Currently it underperforms in energy-maneuverability characteristics and lacks its R-73s. A coked up MiG-23 with R-73 capability would be pretty good for the 11.7/12.0 gap.

For the Germans, it’s harder to fill the gap with anything less contentious. Depending on how they model the AMRAAM, the F-4F ICE w/ 120Bs could mayybee not be a bad choice, but I’m not confident on that.

Also, they both have R-27ERs. Which they shouldn’t. As I always have, I currently advocate for simply removing the ahistoric R-27ERs and giving them their rightful R-73s.


You already have migs with both of those missiles. Play with them

There is no need to move the planes around or modify the MiG-23. The early MiG-29s without R-73s can receive the ordnance, simply remove the R-27ER from those that are not 12.3.

Giving 9.12 and 9.13 R-73s would completely invalidate the BR placement both Russian and German air trees lmao. The solution would be to decompress so that R-73s aren’t being used against poor Gen 3s.

The 9.12 and 9.13 were supposed to receive R-73s upon release but Gaijin retracted them in part due to concerns that such a MiG-29 with R-73s would be too stompy and in part because the R-73 wasn’t performing correctly. Then at some point the devs realized the MiG-29 sucked without R-73s and gave it R-27ERs to compensate.

I’d say now that the R-73 is presumably fixed and MiG-29s have a counter now Gaijin can (and IMO should) swap the R-27ER out for the R-73 as was originally intended.

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I think that USSR should get the MiG-23P in the tree, which would replace on BR 11.3 the MLD with the R-73, which would go to BR 11.7/12.0. This would allow MiG-29 9.13 to get R-73 in place of R-27ER and move to 12.3.