Mig 29 smt

MIG 29 SMT have a major issue with its Engine ingame the smt uses the RD-33 normal engine but in real life it nerver uses this engine it uses the RD-33 Series 3 and now after we recieved the MIG 29 G with the series 2 Engine the SMT should get ist real engine . The MIG 29 SMT used the series 3 version of the RD-33 Enigne because it hase more weight due to the additional Fuel tanks and the heavyer Airframe u can read about this here : MiG-29SMT Fulcrum Multirole Fighter Aircraft - Airforce Technology and on the official bulgarian military information site here : Latest Syrian MiG-29SMT fighters are accurate and dangerous


only germany can get better MIG-29 variants: Gaijin

the best mig29 is in Germany, like the best Flanker is in China🤣

Nun heißen die Triebwerke zwar richtig aber ihr werte im Spiel entsprechen nicht der Realität!!! auf beide Triebwerke zusammen gerechnet fehlen ca 4000 kgf Schub das ist inaktzeptabel!!