MiG-29 series of aircraft is underperforming (flight-model wise)

The one that only has R-60Ms.

its fine

What planes do you think it has a chance against in a dogfight? What planes would you expect to win against 50% of the time?

that just isn’t true though.



and SAAB says: " The pilots typically needs to withstand 9G force for about 15 seconds to pass the test."
How Pilots Prepare Themselves to Fly Gripen.

so the certification to be a fighter pilot in Sweden is to make 9G’s for at least 15 seconds to even pass the test.


The point is that centripetal acceleration, g, is directly related to angular velocity, or rate. Saying “a 1.8g improvement only gave 0.8 deg/s” is a redundant statement.

This is an irrelevant point.

If you pulled more AoA with the old flight model the turn rate at the same speed would have significantly increased.

Old flight model was much much better than the current one.

Basically the FM is mostly correct aside from the elevator deflection angles and energy loss in turn, which literally make this plane a brick everytime it tries to turn

All 29s are pretty pathetic in game, they perform worse than the planes they were supposed to replace and counter

yeah, if it wasn’t a flying airbrake it’d be much more competent in a DF.