MiG-29 IRST Specifications

What is the specifications of the MiG-29’s IRST S-31E2 KOLS? I’m asking this because it seems that the IRST is bugged.

In what way is it bugged

I want to know the detection range of the IRST. On the scope of the IRST, it says 60x30 which is the area of search. When I try to lock someone with the IRST, I can see for a split second on the top right corner it says 50 km, which I’m guessing is the max range of the IRST. However, I don’t believe that the 50 km is correct. It seems to pick up targets around 15 km.

Detection of targets depends on many variables. These include if it is rear aspect, exhaust heat, cloud coverage, etc. 50km is an ideal scenario, 15km seems more realistic. Besides, you wont fire a missile longer than 15km.

The 50 km is the scale setting for your display screen, it doesn’t affect the detection range.

The OEPS-29 IRST has 22 km standard detection range and 30 km max detection range in game.