MiG-29 9-12B

What’s the deal with this, I don’t see anything of Hungary using this just the A variant. and what’s the difference in game.

Well I wonder that too.

Well, I looked, and they are the exact same only difference is the color.

Yep, just a 9.12.

Irl the 9.12b had a worse radar and worse avionics. It had the spo-10 from the mig21 still instead of the spo-15 afiak. Past that idk what other avionics were downgraded, i suspect the hms may have been ommited, but they did get r73 so idk. In game it’s just the 9.12a with a b.

Edit: I was wrong about the spo-10. They did get spo-15. The downgraded avionics were the lack of the ground-control datalink systems. They even got the HMS, though many of the customers of 9.12b never got to use R73. So just a worse radar. Apparently Iraqi Mig29 9.12b were rumored to be integrated with a french TMV-002 Remora ECM pods they robbed from their mirage F1’s.

Actualy just give it R73 bump it to 12.3 and call it good

its supposed to be 12.0 and the grippen 12.7, this allows for a spread br range, making it 12.3 results in them being to close, maybe hungary will get a mig 29a with r73 later on

They only used one model

i advise you to take a look at the hungarian aviation sub tree thread

You see both different versions of the mig in this picture, they very well used the A version as well

The one they are adding is a 2 seater variant, those are more for training purposes. They propably choose that one for now, to deny copy paste allegations

Uh, about that. 9.12ub isn’t 9.12b. the one in game is supposed to be the 9.12b, even though its a copy paste 9.12a…

For MiG-29 9-12B from HuAF, I want gajin implemented IR SRAAM R-73 replacement R-27ER & R-27ET with change to 12.3 BR in major update “Alpha Strike” as well as MiG-29 (9-13) (USSR), MiG-29 9-12A (GDR) and MiG-29G (GER)

I’ve been trying really hard but I can’t seem to depict a second seat.

wait I found the other guy!
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