MiG-29 9.12B discussion

As it is now, the current Hungarian MiG-29 is just the same as the Soviet and East German models. I believe that it could receive R-73s and be moved to 12.3, making it more unique and interesting without giving it (to my knowledge) ahistorical R-27ERs. Let me know your thoughts. Bear in mind that this discussion has nothing to do with altering the currently existing USSR and GER MiG-29s in any way, please keep it out.


If you haven’t played the current FM mig29 don’t get excited, even if it got r77-1 and r74m2 it will be trash.

But yeah they should remove all r27Es and give r73 instead, it’s been a year


the Russian 12.0 mig-29 is a 9.13 I think.

I’m being generalized with my statement. It’s not identical to either the East German or USSR models, but the difference is so minimal that it doesn’t matter.

for the German and Soviet ones as well, and still 12.0.
The ones with Es should be 12.3 IMO since the Su-27 is just straight better

There was one rule 😭

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Everyone playing the MiG-29 9.12/9.13 has been saying this. Now that the R-73s are performing accurately enough to go live, the early MiG-29s no longer require the R-27ER as a stopgap crutch. When can they get their R-73s back?


while I would give all MiG-29As this load out, since this vehicle is a copy paste I think that making it different than the ones in the other tech tree when it isn’t using any kind of indigenous weapon would be considered “unfair” towards the other countries.

Never, as R-73 is reserved for the high BR Mig-29’s.

Um… it’d be 12.7 if it got R-73s.
Gripen already exists for 12.7.

@J_ackal @jet_17_49
Nah, I like the Mig-29s at 12.0 instead of 12.7.

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They really oughta give all mig 29s r73. The early ones shouldnt have the ER and they could stay at 12.3.

The r60 + r27er is a ridicolous combo


They’d be 12.7 not 12.3.
R-27ER and AIM-7F/M aren’t that powerful.

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Id rather the radar and avionics be reduced in line with reality tbh.

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Any sorces that say it was a 9-12B

It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a 9.12a or a 9.12b in the tree for italy, but as it currently stands the plane is called 9.12b in game, as such it should reflect the actual 9.12b or be renamed.

Here’s what Yefim Gordon writes on the MiG-29B in his book (yes I am well aware he is not a reliable source):

MiG-29, Export Version B (lzdeliye 9.128, lzdeliye 58) Fulcrum-A

An even more downgraded export version designated izdeliye 9.12B was developed for ‘friendly’ states outside the Warsaw Pact. This aircraft featured a simplified N019EB radar and a simplified OEPrNK-29E2 targeting/navigation system. ‘Version B’ entered production at MMZ No.30 in 1986 and was supplied to India, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia and some other states. (The practice of supplying downgraded equipment to foreign customers was probably a sort of insurance policy in case today’s allies would turn enemies tomorrow and use weapons purchased in the Soviet Union against it. In that case having slightly better weapons would give the Soviet Union an advantage.) Initially the aircraft was armed with R-60 (R-60M) and R-27R missiles, later supplanted by R-27R1 and R-73 AAMs. In the strike role it could carry up to four FAB-250 or FAB-500 HE bombs, ZB-500 napalm bombs or KMGU-2 submunitions dispensers (konteyner dlya malykh groozov ooniversahl’nw - ‘all purpose small items container’), four S-24 unguided rockets or four B-8M1 pods with 80 S-8 FFARs.

If someone can find an cockpit image of a MiG-29B it should be fairly easy to tell what RWR it uses.

From another book by Yefim Gordon and Peter Davidson.