The MiG-27 shares the basic airframe of the MiG-23, but with a revised nose – nicknamed "Utkonos " "Platypus or "Krokodil Gena " in Russian service, first introduced on the MiG-23B. Dissatisfaction with the MiG-23BN led to the further development of the basic airframe to accommodate a stronger undercarriage, simpler intakes and a shorter exhaust nozzle, without radar in favor of a downward-sloping profile for improved pilot visibility,laser rangefinder and marked-target seeker. Among its test pilots, it was also called "Balkon " (“Balcony”) because of the increased frontal view from the cockpit. Additional cockpit armor was installed, along with a totally new nav/attack system

Since the MiG-27 was intended to fly most of its missions at low altitude, the MiG-23’s variable intake ramps and exhaust nozzles were discarded in favor of a simpler fixed configuration, reducing weight and maintenance requirements. The aircraft also has larger, heavy-duty landing gear to facilitate operation from poorer-quality airfields. In accordance with the MiG-27’s strike and low-level attack requirements, provisions were made to mount missiles and precision-guided munitions, as well as retaining a nuclear capability in line with other Soviet combat aircraft by introducing specialized navigation systems.

The improved MiG-27M/D versions were introduced during the 1980s, followed by the -K version, which could carry a much larger range of weapons including tactical nuclear bombs.

Aircraft deployed to Afghanistan were upgraded with the installation of BVP-50-60 flare dispensers and the NAZ-7B emergency survival kit, as well as engine modifications for the hot and high conditions.







kab-250kr? interesting
kab-250kr can be fitted with IR seeker like agm65d etc…

Perhaps a modern version

Idk if this is the right place to ask but since it’s similar I might as well. Could the MiG-23BN use A2A missiles? Or was it missing some FCS or something that made it unable to

Yes, but not in east german service.
It’s not worth the effort to convince the devs to add them to the in game BN, oughta be historical ( hi, flares on F-5C lol lmao)

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they’ll never give germany anything on par with USSR, at this point might well just switch to USA

Mig 29G probably the last one German can get hand on Russian top tier stuff

I mean sometimes they make exceptions. For example, the ER/ET on the MiG-29G, AIM-7s on the F-16C, just a few that I can think of. Most of the time these slightly ahistorical (yet still technically possible) additions are for the sake of gameplay, and this one seems like it would be no different.

It would also give a reason to move this thing up from 9.7 cause it really should not be there lol

By “for the sake of gameplay”, you mean creating the most broken vehicle at present in War Thunder? Isn’t that what F5 is?

Is the fuselage AA missile capability on the ordnance chart inaccurate? I keep seeing it indicated on charts and stuff on the web but I never see anything state it definitively, and it would be really nice to see in-game