MIG-23MF? Worth buying?

Should I buy the MIG-23MF?

Looks alright and I heard its a copy and paste of the Russian MIG-23M.
I know it has no premium bonuses.

Isn’t it like $130? Decent aircraft but surely not worth the price.

Market says 64 gaijin, so not completely out of the question

That’s rank 7 premium price for a plane with no premium, oof

It’s handicapped by a very low flare count, you’re much better off buying the MLA to get an all around better plane, with better armament, performances, and premium benefits.

I wish we got the MF as the top premium instead of the anemic LanceR.

MLA is tech tree. Did you mean the Soviet ML?

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I mistakenly thought the Germans got a premium MiG-23MLD equivalent, but turns out they only have the Lazur-M. My bad.