MiG-23MF - struggling with radar and IFF

Hi all

I recently got me the German MiG-23MF, and have to admit I’ve committed already 3 or so team kills with it in Sim EC - and in all cases I was confident I had locked up an enemy, not a friendly!

Is there anything strange going on with the IFF of the Flogger’s radar? Is it just “iffy” or am I operating the aircraft / radar wrongly?

Any input would be highly appreciated!

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Afaik in game the MTI / LD mode doesn´t have IFF, same with Mirage F.1s and PDV on the Navy Phantoms.
Bad for SB, but yea…

I don’t believe the Floggers had IFF, it was one of my main gripes with it in simulator.


Strange thing about my TK’s was that I had targets on my scope that showed clearly as friendlies via IFF, and another target not marked as friendly - which I then locked up and engaged, and killed a Blue instead of a Red (and no, the lock did not shift from red to blue…)

Or so at least it seemed to me…

I have seen a recent increase in Mig-23 TKs, just assumed it was a fresh wave of new players in SB, but could be something more. Beyond that I cant comment as I dont fly that jet.

Do you happen to have a recording of the TK perchance? It sounds like the friendly may have been giving a stronger radar return to the missile, so whilst you were locked to the hostile aircraft the missile itself tracked the friendly that was close by without the lock changing.

It’s why if I see a friendly and hostile aircraft giving radar returns in close proximity I tend to wait until I’m closer to go for guns or IR missiles just to minimise the chance of TK’ing if possible.

Had this happen to me the other day in a SB match

I was quite clearly locked onto one target, but my Skyflash flew off and hit another, definetly worth double checking if your missile hit the target you had actually locked onto

Played the Flogger a bit more, and with much better success!

What I found out abou tthe radar modes:

Low Alt:

SRC: has IFF, but (moderately) prone to ground clutter, max. 30 km
SRC MIT: has NO IFF, but filtering well against ground clutter, max. 30 km

High Alt:

SRC: has IFF, but (moderately) prone to ground clutter, max. 90 km
SRC LD: has IFF, but filtering grouns clutter better for Loock Down capability, max. 90 km