MIG-23M and MIG-23MLD brs

The MIG -23M is currently sitting at 11.0, this seems to be a problem due to the lack of countermeasures in a larger quantity and a lack of better missiles. It has not reason to be sitting at such a high br where it not only faces pulse Doppler radars but also faces AIM-7F, AIM-9L, AIM-7E-2 and other such missiles.
12 countermeasure drops dividend into 2 because of the need for chaff and flares simply isn’t cutting it.
All i’m saying is that the MIG-23M doesn’t deserve to get bullied this bad, at least make it less likely to face pulse Doppler (PD) radars.

I am aware that both planes have MTI and LD search modes

The MIG-23MLD is at a current battle rating of 11.3 and is only facing 12.3 with an 11.3 game every 3 hours, this is disappointing especially when you are trying to grind stock, the R24R/T is mere impossible. Not to mention the amount of missiles that are just undodgeable in the aircraft when the wings are swept back, which you kinda have to do if you want to go above 800kph. Idk man i want to fight early cold war jets against early cold war jets. Just an example would be the MIG-23M would face the F-4C Phantom and the MIG-23ML/MLD would face the F-4J and the F-4E Phantoms


So you want the Mig-23M with all aspect missiles to face the flare less, flying brick of an aircraft that the F-4C is with basic IR and SARH missiles. What are you smoking?


Don’t you want to be Uptiered with the MIG23 with best maneuverability best speed on deck and large coutermensure?

I’ve played mig23mld and f4j, f4e uptiered with Phantom thats something much more terrible than what MIG23 had to face, and hesitant about mig23’s Op we have f14A to break the imbalance in airRB that MIG23 brings.

You should play more countries to see the pressure of both sides

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Just stay at its BR or give R73 and move up to 11.7.
Problem solved

Fixes nothing putting r73 on mig 23 limits it to 4 missiles so it would still be 11.3

there is no plane can get r73 or aim9m still had br under 12.0.

you trolling right?

No i am not it limits mld to only 4 missiles

Like I said, having r73 in your equipment will increase mld to 12.0 or more. Would you like to see F4E/J, MIG21SMT/MF see r73 behind their butts?

Still easier to flare than 9m So Yes would rather see 73 than 9m

You can think like that the whole time, this is a game balance and it won’t happen

Harrier GR.7/AV-8B

Anyway, staying at 11.3BR is best because they works counterpart of Phantoms that has PD.

no, in a normal battle mig23 is superior to F4, PD [Head-on only] and aim7f don’t give much advantage at the moment


This topic is nonsense, so it should stop here

Su-25T gets them at 11.3, so does the Su-39, and Su-25BM

hey btw i just wanted to say that the F4C figting the MIG-23M wouldn’t be a good idea i meant F4E

Harrier GR-7 has 4x 9M with 600 countermeasures at 11.7 , same for AV-8B PLUS

the MiG23 MLD is not only one of the best aircraft in the game weapon and avionics wise, it also has a nasty flight model, it is objectively better than mirage 2000 5f in every single regard other than sea level top speed and ultra slow speed one circle dogfights… and yet it sits a whole damn br lower.

It’s subsonic and it has no radar missiles like the Mig 23

The Mirage 2000-5F smokes the MiG-23MLD in practically all conditions. There really isn’t a world where the Mirage 2000 is inferior to the MLD in a practical way.

You can try to rate fight the Mirage 2000… you’ll never come around the circle and he will just end up eating you alive by min radius turning in the center of your turn circle.


this and the fact that mig23ML/MLA/MLD have 11.7 performance and armament and yet sit BELOW stuff that is at 11.7 with 11.0 performance and armament is crazy.

armament wise the mirage 2000 falls behind. Two magic 2s and two 30g sparrows can’t really counter the second best SARH missile in game plus four more “angry moths” that go so fast they barely see flares from side aspect. MiG23ML family has sixty four large caliber countermeasures which are good enough to even deter aim9m’s. And Mirage 2000’s flight performance is closest to a j35d, which sits a whole BR and half lower.