Mig 23 RWR bands

I have noticed my Mig-23ML doesn’t get radar notifications from F-14As, but when I fly the tomcat I see some Mig23 pilots are aware of my lock.

So I checked on X-Ray, and Mig-23MLD detects bands G-I, and the M, ML, MLA detect bands H-J. Is this intended or this is a bug ?

Track-While-Scan (TWS) systems are made so you do not have information of being fully locked


I got shot by AIM-7B, that does need lock, and didn’t get warning, so it wasn’t TWS. Also not geting ping, TWS should ping you.

Its a question of bands, the thing is, the MLD should have different RWR than the MLA/ML ?

The AIM-7B does not exist in game.

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you know that F-14 don’t have AIM-7B, neither is every aircraft in game right now?


F-14A radar is currently set in “i” band.

and the Spo-15 RWR of MiG-23 MLD in game is set for G to i Bands.

Therefore,… your ennemy “Soft-locked” you (means to use TWS but not fully lock) OR He was not into the areas of detections of your RWR.

For exemple: the RWR works through several captors set around your aircraft : those have a “cone” of detection - if the ennemy ping you from outside of every cones (mostly from under / higher) he can lock you without you knowing

Those areas are not displayed by any means - apart testing to know them -

I meant AIM-7F, sorry

Are you it’s “to” ? The SPO-10 says “H - J” in the X-Ray, but after a lot of testing, it doesn’t get any notification from band I, so I guess it’s H and J, and not H to J.

BTW, what I meant in the first post is the only MLD gets the I band, not the other Mig-23

yes from H-J means from H to J (including i)

as demonstrated there : https://wiki.warthunder.com/Radar_warning_receiver#Sectored_RWR_.28SPO-10.2C_SPO-15_and_others.29

(go down a bit in the list, and you’ll see)

Then there is a bug … I lock 23MLs in headon with the F-14, they don’t react

Mirage 2000Cs don’t react Neither, and there it says they should see the lock.

It’s so broken the RWR !!!

It’s maybe doppler related, not about the band.

But neither the Wiki, neither the game on X-Ray say anything about that …