Mig-23 nerf

Mig 23 nerf officially made them unplayable, MTI radar turns off every time u pitch your nose up no matter what altitude you are at, with wings at 0% feel like they are at 60% wing sweep it bleeds speed worse than phantoms in a dogfight and turns like a brick now u have to sweat to win a dogfight even against a phantom when before you could easily win against multiple F5s in 1 dogfight, before the change i had a average of 3-4 kills per game and games with 7+ kills preety often now if i get 2 kills with it im happy, changes need to be reversed because the only thing that works on the plane now is R24s and thats when you are looking at your target top down, its so bad its unplayable.


War Thunder player when they cant crutch their favorite OP plane anymore



Everyone that has had to try and fight the overperforming Mig-23 in the past 3 years


MiG-23 was overperforming since forever. Happy to see it finally get its long-awaited nerf, and to see all the complaints on forums.

I find it funny that MLs lose to F-4EJs now.


It’s odd they pushed the MiG-23 nerf through but not the F-5’s


I am very happy to know that MIG23 has gained so many buffs in the last 3 years.

skill issue

I wouldn’t go as far to say the MiG 23 is unplayable but the nerfs did change how it behaves in the flight. I wouldn’t recommend dogfighting with it too much as its not really built for that anymore. Try flying it like a MiG 21 if you have any experience with that airframe or a “Zoom and Boom” aircraft. If your willing to experiment I’d also try the IR versions of the R24’s as they tend to be more flexible in a variety of situations with the trade off that they can be decoyed by players playing attention.

And the F-16


The F-16 while silly, isn’t really overperforming in air RB due to the instructor limits. The turn rate and AoA is pretty accurate.

The F-5E’s overperformance stretches to all game modes.


Not to mention the cold fusion engines, which are magically so supreme where Heatseeking missiles will regularly fail to acquire locks on F-5 on Reheat at angles where they’d normally acquire other jets that are not applying Reheat.


The F-5 is not the only aircraft that has this issue. This is related to other problems.


Well that is balanced, having 4 kills on average is not. The F4 and F5 are quite agile, but Mig23 still gets their upper hand against most planes.

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