MiG-23 Nerf Discussion


the buff for it?i heard they are horribly underperforming compared to their manual

solid buff in realism mate


For turn rate Nerf?

yes, big one - bigger than migs


seems like we have to go through other soviet jets as well. Not saying there is Russian bias byt they all seem to magically over perform so far ;)

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The sustained turn nerf, aka they will bleed more speed when turning, just like what is happening to ML and other 23s in the report above.

So speed Drain and turn Nerf or just it drains speed faster so it turns slower?

It should bleed speed faster,therfor not turning good for long.

Okay thanks

Just use the 24 r to destroy the f16 before the dogfight

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I love it when people complain about a vehicle they like that’s about to get nerfed because of realism, like bruh.


It should have its realistic performance as in real life. Cope.

Currently it’s rate fight capability is absolutely busted for what the plane historically was.


Awaiting implementation, also sources were provided they are just hidden from view, only for OP and moderators to see.

So to all the yanks saying this is fine because the plane should be historically accurate; you okay if we go and make all your planes accurate to the manuals? Because that’d result in a pretty shit time for you lot.

Americans really report errors, even if the errors don’t exist (maybe they do in this case, can’t see the sources) and they need false documents, but the moment you point to the manual of an American plane it isn’t fair.


I mean he did predict the F111 nerf ( too nerfed btw)

massively overperforming UFO finally nerfed

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Oh, you mean like the F-111? Yeah, sure, then.

If you can find manuals that provide evidence of lower performance like that user found for the MiG-23, go ahead, feel free to make a report then :)

Nerf the blasted russian.