MiG-23 Nerf Discussion

25 will never be added to the game. Given his characteristics, there are no goals for him in the game.
I am not at all upset that the mig flight model was brought to historicity, I am only annoyed by the radar nerf. But the developers have already expressed their position on this issue, so we have no choice but to look for other inaccuracies from the documentation and force the developers to continue poking at this corpse with a stick.

The automatic sweep was also broken, by the way. I have to fly manually to avoid breaking my wings. If you use this with a radar bug, you can come up with new tactics. But it’s still a buguse and a crutch.
Pay attention to how many people want to play for the blues and how few for the reds, with all their superiority.


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BLUFOR aircraft are generally better yes, but it doesn’t really help that there’s only really two REDFOR nations (Russia and China) and the rest of the “REDFOR” applicable vehicles are put into BLUFOR.


Polish instructions for the aircraft. The radar viewing angles are shown in Table 7.2. In the game, 6 degrees, regardless of height, in the instructions 12.5 or 8.5, depending on height and operating mode. I have compiled a report on this issue.


idk man. you have been found to fake/twist information before. and you seem to want 23,s nerfed no matter what…

No he hasn’t.

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he has after what i know༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

So why won’t you check these sources and compare it yourself instead of believing what someone else said?
My source can be easily found on the internet, just go to my bug report and copy the russian name of the manual to google, then download the manual and check these pages that I mentioned.
You can also use the Yandex OCR translating page to translate it from Russian to whatever language you use.


i have used Yandex OCR sometimes

i have these ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Well, what’s even the source of this?
It’s for sure not the official manual.
Also I bet that it’s quite close to the russian manual values anyway.

Oh yeah. One thing that you maybe can fix for the mig-23,s m/mf is missing r3r,s. +So are mld is performing as it should?

I have no idea, MLD is probably fine.

Can you look into the r3r for the m/mf tho

I heard mig23ml is still decent

The FM nerf is not so outright nerf it, yeah it’s flight can be somewhat feel clunky then before but iirc the most frustrating part is the radar auto switch mode that cause horrendous issuse for R-24R, that the part make people unhappy.

Does anyone notice how you can force high altitude top down mti mode if you preemptively lock using IRST and switch to radar?

How does it manage to do it?

I’m another dude who is not happy with the 24r, the radar also locks chaff really easy now. The 24r used to be able to still track (i’m not using the right terminology here because I forgot about it) but still.

Yeah, I don’t know how it does it either, I’d rather them get rid of this feature and bring back the 24r to its OP state.

Part if radar model