MIG-21SMT needs to be brought to BR 11.0

MIG-21SMT at BR 10.3 is simply OP, get it to BR 11.0 now.
Same speed as the F-104G but with many more missiles to launch.



This is the reverse of the Mig 21BIS needs to be 10.7 post

Cant wait to see how this will evolve if it gets alot of posts


Well to be honest,… it is the WHOLE JET BR era that need a HEAVY rework,…


The 21SMT has 4 r60 while the 104G has 4 aim9j, only the Italian one gets 2, and all of the Starfighters in game got a new Flight model, meaning they can now reach more the 1400 kph on sea level, so no, the SMT is not faster.

the smt is not on the same level as the bis

You will never ever catch a F-104G in SMT lol

F-104A at 9.3 needs to be 11.3… same amount of missiles and faster than Mirage 2000D

joke right

I simply made it sound like OPs words with OPs logic. His logic is so simple that I found it funny. Reminded me of a thread where one guy was saying YAK-9 can accelerate faster than jets and someone posted a picture of a bong saying that was OPs source lol

Yeah I felt like I woke up in alternate dimension for a sec…

Well tbh, MiG-21’s are underevaluated,… but heh,… can’t blame gaijin for little russian bias.

Good MiG-21’s players have easy times against everything they encounter apart maybe F-8 crusaders and somehow Mirage 3’s or J-35A and D,… apart from those at same BR they have literally 0 opposition at the same BR.

The only remainning threat is A-10/Su-25/A-6 all-aspect missiles, which are useless to MiG-21’s players flying 10km up there.

That’s my PoV on subject.


Thanks, I see you understand and I agree with what you wrote so far you are the only one who gave a serious answer, I too think that jets need a HEAVY reworking and there are several planes that need a BR increase besides the one I mentioned

Tell me you’re an F5C shitter, I don’t want to check your stats

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I don’t think it should have same BR with MiG-21bis but, agreed MiG-21SMT/MF is OP rn.

Probably moving up to 10.7BR is much better.


If they yeet f5c and f5e aswell

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F-5C needs to be at least 10.7, it is busted in every way

but the it aint as good as the E which is it a 10.7

I could see the Mirage 3c and chinese F104G brs lowered and maybe the F-1.
But yeah, it’s better if this planes stayed at their Brs while the other brs becoming higher.

F-5E shouldn’t be 10.7 to begin with. I have like 5 KD in F-5E without tryharding and half of my deaths were stock syndrome. İf you do not wanna die you won’t die in that thing.