Mig-21SMT engine overheating

at last, i’ve unlocked Mig-21 SMT

unlike the most, i’ve skipped mig 19 (i just cant, sorry) and grinded it with mig-21 F-13 instead.

with that aircraft i was used to loading full fuel tank and pushing WEP almost entire match, however, with SMT i cannot do this, engine will overheat. And even if i cool it down and push WEP again, it will re-heat quickly.

but i saw other players that use it push WEP at beginning of the match, which seems wasteful, considering that they will come to the battlefield with engine that is - or at least, has been heated.

For now im speculating that their engines arent overheating like mine and that the problem is me being stock, so i’d like to ask which modification will i need to make engine run at WEP properly.

In case the issue isnt me being stock, i’d like to know why those players are pushing WEP at start - is it possible to cool engine down like as if it never was heated in the first place? back when i played those, it didnt worke in bf 109’s which suffer from similar issue (quick re-heat upon pushing WEP)

Compressor + Engine upgrades would help with this.

is compressor alone enough?

I don’t know the specifics, but they will both help