MIG-21S is too safe at their current BR of 9.0 increase it to at least 9.7

There are very few aircraft that can compete in speed with the MiG 21 and keep up with it to engage in battle.

I fight at BR 8.3, with the G.91 (Preserie) and the G.91 R/1 and I have to say it is impossible to fight against a MiG that is too fast, launches its rockets, does 4 kills per rocket and then runs away and then repeats in a continuous cycle of launching rockets and runs away.

At this BR 8.3 I find myself with the whole squad killed by the Mig 21 with no one able to engage it because it is too fast that is why in my opinion they have to have a BR increase it is absurd to think you can fight a Mig-21 with G.91 (Preserie) there is no match.

You avoid making excuses like even the Americans have broken planes then it’s ok for Russia to have broken planes, it’s actually not ok for broken planes to exist in the game and I think aviation needs to undergo a heavy rework.


4 10G missles that you can just easily outpull, shouldnt be anything hard. The only hard part is if the person have brain and uses the speed and its gun.


Yes thats true, but mig is agile. And when you have swift you are sitting duck for them. Slow acceleration, top speed where XD, afterburner is only for visual effect. Only one plus is missile what you can shot in front but is semi-manual and only 2G. I play uptier most of time. “4 10G missles” is not everything.

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Well it’s not only the mig21S, the entire Gamemode requires a rework… I’d have no problem in waiting 2 more minutes finding a match where i won’t face aircraft that are vastly superior to the one that i’m using.


Wrong the 4 missiles are extremely useful for ambushes just shoot a plane that doesn’t realise it’s under fire and you get 4 kills very easily.

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id like to meet this player…

dont play top tier if this is your line of thinking…
yk there can be up to 320 missiles in each 16v16 game at top tier?
not having situational awareness is the players own fault

That is your skill issue for not constantly looking around.

It is true that I have noticed that there are many players who don’t look around but, you can’t always do that if you are behind an enemy and trying to kill him you are unlikely to look around your concentration is fixed on the enemy in front of you.

So in conclusion it is wrong to think as you do that the MiG21S rockets are useless I have seen this tactic used many times against my team, and when the MiG21S is in mine against the opponents’ team

There are players who know how to use their brains.

The rule is always the same, if you use your brains you can get a lot of kills on very powerful planes in their current BR, on the other hand if very strong planes are used by players who don’t know how to use their brains no matter what kind of plane you are using, you will eventually get killed by your own stupidity.

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Why can’t the mig-21S br be raised? Why does a mach 2 capable fighter go against 8.0’s like the Me 262? I think that is some bullshit.
Or even against propeller bombers with max speed of 600kmh while mig itself having max speed of 2313 kmh


Apparently players are fed up with the MiG-21 S, must be increased to BR 9.7 must not be allowed to enter BR 8.0 matches.

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Humans cannot have perfect situational awareness.

Are you suggesting that you are otherwise??

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i dont recall suggesting that, but a competent warthunder player must have a level of situational awareness that allow them to perform consistently well in top teir ARB

unless that is some form of subtle racism, no

Meanwhile Milan at 9.7 with no flare and AIM-9B great

Pretty sure this is an AAB thread to which the Dassault Milan is a 9.3 there (Although it’s odd that the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21S is 9.0 there while milan is probably at 9.3 due to bombload).

Mig 21 S is the reason why I stop War Thunder !
No fun only money for gaijin !


It’s not for the money it’s just propaganda, if it was for the money it would give all nations the same opportunity to have OP vehicles.
But the only nation that finds vehicles that deserve high BR but are kept at low BR for propaganda is Russia.

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It makes me wanna stop too.Being constantly up tiered to this beast with R-3R that lock onto you from any aspect is quite the bullshit. Also as it’s premium there is plenty of those in the games.
Another rant for BR decompression!

No wonder you don’t see as many non-premium players nowadays, especially in top tiers, when you really need an edge or at least some initiative to play those.