Mig 21 sps k need buff!

Hey this Jet really need buff cause I’m paying for get it and it’s BR 10.0 and we can only chose armament countermeasures or cannon and can’t be both

Missile : R3R 4x / R3S 4x and why R60 2x only? Tf

C’mon gaijin I bought this for research my top tier jet’s but why it’s premium but very strict armament?

Pay for win ❌
Paying for suffer☑️

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I use only 2x R-13M1 and feel good.

Thats realy your own mistake, this is an old premium nothing new everything you said was known and you could have informed yourself about, even tier 7 premiums like italys f104 have to choose between cannons or sparrows not both, there is swedens planes without countermeasures either, this is nothing new, and at 10,0 R60M are realy strong but the R13M1 works great as well i use them at 11,0 for the Lazur M as well

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Ay man cause that I need buff for this old one for this

I got Israel premium A4 had fully armament
He got countermeasures and guns + missile BR 8.7
I got F5C br 10.3 got guns and countermeasures + missile

Harrier Gr1, Lightning F53 and Hunter FGA9 dont have CMs at all. All are premium and at 9.7

Jaguar Gr1 doesnt have CMs at all and is at 10.0

Choosing between cannon or CMs doesnt sound that bad, and I assume its not a “balancing decision” but because the the jet actually couldnt equip both, I’d not expect anything to change. If you can find evidence that it CAN carry both at the same time, submit a bug report with all the information and it might get changed.

Just because a jet is premium, does not mean it has the best weapons or equipment. Whilst sometimes premiums are given advantages (like the IRCM on the Su-39), it could also be a premium because its a unique variant/aircraft that doesnt fit neatly into the tech tree (such as the Sea-Vixen) or has a unique story behind the variant (Like the Plagis Spitfire)

But usually a premium is just a slightly different variant to a tech tree aircraft. But the main point of a premium is the economy buffs you get.

(its probably also worth baring in mind, that when it was added, it was probably a really good jet, maybe one of very few that had CMs at all. Hunter FGA9 was apparently one of the best jets in the game when it was added, but these days, its a little lack luster, unfortunately few vehicles age well, especially jets in WT, and just because its premium, doesnt make it immune from that)

They cant alter history for you. Mig 21 SPS K is good enough for it’s BR. If it gets a buff then it wont be a 10.0 anymore.