MiG 21 Lazur radar

I’ve got german Lazur Mig 21 to use with leopard2 at 10.3 in GRB.

I’m using it to try to counter enemy planes and helis, and i even have some successes with it.
And i tried to use 4xR60 AND 2 of those radar r3 missiles.

How to properly use them? I mean, i don’t understand it at all.

I’ve keybinded the “lock” option - the one that makes the box flashing around crosshair and sometimes it gives me a lock and ability to shot someone this way.

Is there anything more to it? Like, search sky for targets? What keybinds and how to use it?

I think that on the MiG-21 radars the “lock” keybind basically switches the radar to an ACM mode, meaning that you’ll lock whatever is in the box. Typically the lock keybind will lock a specific target on the search radar.

You can use the search radar to see where planes are, then point your nose at them and switch to the lock mode to get a lock on them, though iirc the box on the MiG-21 is quite large so it could lock other things if the sky is busy (it also has limited range, like ACM modes)

so, i need a keybind to “switch to search mode” then, right?

Iirc the lock key is a toggle, so if you press it again it’ll go back to the search pattern