Mig-21 bis fuel pod

i just recently unlocked mig 21 bis, and i was blown away by the fact it can only carry 35 min of fuel… stock!

on my SMT i took 45 min, full fuel tank and still sometimes ran dry, so having even less than that puts bis in a severe disadvantage.

However, i was sure that mig-21’s could mount external fuel tanks, which mig 21 bis in game cant for some reason.


^these have them mounted on wings

Hope we can see external fuel tanks for mig 21’s in the game.

Would be nice actually. The MIG 21SMT can carry more fuel because it was built for that purpose with additionnal fuel on the back of the plane. With larger maps being way more popular now than before, i think every jet need to be able to mount external pod (if those existed for the plane).

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How are you running out on 45min of fuel? Are you leaving the afterburner on the whole time?

20min is more than enough, 35min is too much. Carrying around a lot of unneeded weight.

Just some honest advice.


35 min should be enough. Even in my F4J phantom 35min fuel nearly lasts the whole match.

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Well i carry 30 mins, but on larger maps when the last enemy is running away, having to go back to base instead of catching up is really annoying. So on those map to be really comfortable i usually take the max amount.


I… need… MORE!!

but on a serious note, the only quality i found mig 21 SMT to have is its climb rate and top speed… turn rate and pull dont amuse me very much… for a delta wing aircarft