MiG-17F Fresco: Soviet Parity

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The MiG-17F is an upgraded version of the MiG-17 with the afterburning VK-1F engine. It was the most common MiG-17 variant and its addition would bring the Soviet MiG-17 more in line with the versions in other trees.

The MiG-17 was an improved version of the MiG-15bis utilizing a new thinner, more swept wing for a higher top speed. It entered production in 1951, though initial production was limited in order to keep MiG-15 production high in light of the ongoing Korean War. The initial MiG-17 proved to be too small of a performance upgrade over the MiG-15bis, leading to the development of a further improved version later in 1951.
Designated the MiG-17F, this new version was powered by the afterburning VK-1F engine and replaced the standard MiG-17 on the production lines in 1952. All future MiG-17 versions would use this engine.
The MiG-17F was license-produced in Poland as the Lim-5 and in China as the J-5. Beyond these nations and the Soviet Union, the MiG-17F saw extensive export success, serving with over 20 nations. Perhaps most significantly, MiG-17Fs and J-5s (Vietnam made no distinction between the two) were the most common fighter aircraft in the North Vietnamese Air Force during the Vietnam War, where they proved relatively ineffective against the more modern American aircraft.

Max speed, 2km: 1,114km/h
Max speed, sea level: 1,149km/h
Max climb rate: 50m/s

1x VK-1F
Max thrust, dry: 2.4kN
Max thrust, WEP: 2.9kN

1x N-37D, 40 rounds
2x NR-23, 80RPG
2x 250kg bombs, ORO-57K rocket pods (8 S-5s each), or S-21 rockets

So the MiG-17F is simply identical to the F-5, though without missile carriage and with the same rockets available on the MiG-17.

The MiG-17 in-game
The MiG-17 has, quite frankly, been powercrept. The more recently added Lim-5P and MiG-17PF benefit from primarily the VK-1F and the ~20% more thrust it provides. Second, these aircraft have the faster-firing, higher ammo-count, higher velocity NR-23 instead of a N-37D, as well as a rudimentary radar, which are smaller but still relevant advantages. Introducing the MiG-17F, either as a successor to the MiG-17 or a replacement, would give the Soviet tree a more equivalent counterpart to the aforementioned vehicles.

Second, there’s the historical importance of the MiG-17F. Like many vehicles in War Thunder, the MiG-17 family only has an early variant that was introduced to balance the vehicle when it was the top dog, but then not the main version of the vehicle because it simply got eclipsed by more modern, exciting vehicles. The MiG-17F, as the primary variant of the MiG-17 produced in higher numbers than any other version, absolutely deserves its place in the game.



MiG-17Fs in VPAF colours

MiG-17Fs in Soviet colours

The Lim-5 was a Polish license-produced variant of the MiG-17F. The Lim-5P as seen in-game was a MiG-17PF

The Lim-5 was operated by Germany, making a potential partner for the Lim-5P

And of course there’s the Chinese J-5, only available in its export form, the F-5, as a premium (that somehow missed the last few BR decreases…)

The MiG-17F can carry rocket pods like its MiG-17 brother







More ammo?

Shouldn’t be unless I made a mistake
Edit: I did on the S-5s 🤦

That’s not entirely true. After 1971, MiG 21s were the most common, especially during Linebacker II

Fun fact, one of the NVAF’s Aces (Nguyen Van Bay) used these MiG 17Fs to shoot down several F4s and one F105-D. The USAF, as usual, only credited one F4-B, and one F105-D to him. Still, those kills would be unimaginable in War Thunder.
So yeah, one HUGE + 1 to this masterpiece.

And the peak number of MiG-21s never met the peak number of MiG-17s, so I’ll say it’s still a fair statement.


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I have no idea why Russia doesn’t have this thing even east Germany, China, Hungary has afterburning MiG-17