MiG-15bis ISh returns for official service anniversary

Development of the MiG-15 jet fighter lasted throughout the entirety of 1947, while over half of 1948 was spent testing it. On August 23rd, 1948, two days before the official end of the tests, the MiG-15 officially entered service with the USSR Air Force. It prevailed against its competitor, the La-15, and became the most produced military jet aircraft in history.

MiG-15bis ISh temporarily for Golden Eagles


To commemorate the anniversary, from August 23rd (10:00 GMT) until August 29th (10:00 GMT) the MiG-15bis ISh jet fighter, located in the USSR research tree, will be available to purchase for Golden Eagles.

This aircraft is an experimental version of MiG-15bis, which, in turn, was an improvement over the original. The MiG-15bis ISh can quickly gain an impressive speed and is very good at climbing. Its main armament can shred enemy bombers to pieces, while ground targets can be disposed of by its wide assortment of bombs and rockets.