Mi-28NM Khrizantema missile range

There is a bug.
On helicopter Mi-28NM with Khrizantema missiles equipped from a gunner view point. When you shoot your atgm, you can see the range and distance to the target from gunner’s point of view. However, the range of Khrizantema missile is incorrect in this gunner’s view, it is 10km, while in reality it is only 6km and missile flies only for 6km.

You can see on the second image from the test flight on the bottom that the distance for Khrizantema is 10km instead of 6km.

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It is true, for the Khrizantema or 9M123 missile. However since 2018 or maybe even earlier Khrizantema VM or 9M123M was shown on Army 2018 exhibition, with improved range from 6 km to 10. That’s the version used in game, I believe.

Also just as note, Mi35M can use Vikhr missiles, but lacks it in game.

Hell, both Mi35M and Ka52 can use Hermes A with 20km max range ATGM. Also Su39 can use it and maybe few more vehicles (we dont have full list of its specifications and list of vehicles that can use it). Though , I believe its not produced.

Edit: Hermes A has penetration of 1000 mm behind ERA.

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Interesting information. Thank you for the military excurse, hope Snail will add it to the game at some point. I also hope that there will be more incentives of using Khrizantema instead of Attaka missiles, as damage is similar (based on my personal experience), while distance is less (6km to 7km) and total amount caried by Mi-28NM is less (8 missiles to 16 missiles).

However, my point is still stands, as if you switch to Attaka missiles on Mi-28NM it will show correct range of 7 km on gunner’s display (see image 1). While Khrizantema missiles of current game version that flies for 6 km, has incorrect distance on gunner’s display (see image 2).

Its because War Thunder doesnt always specify which variant of round/ATGM is used. Sometimes not even variant of tank or heli, plane isnt specified.

Take BMP2M for example, RN names for its rounds are simple AP, APDS, APDSFS, while it should be 3UBR6, 3UBR8,3UBR11.

Same about T-80BV not being specified in game as with old scheme of T-80B UFP (T-80BV came with new UFP, upgraded variants from T-80B to BV remained old UFP. IMO we should be able to decise what UFP we have.)

Thats just two examples.

As for Mi28NM, it can use 9M123M, and in game it has range of 9M123M, but its designated as 9M123, which is wrong. Its either they correct name, or correct range.

In any way, you re supposed to file a report on Gaijin’s report site with providing documents to fix either of issues.

As for Hermes A and Vikhr, adding them to vehicles that had them IRL is bad idea IMO, at least for today.

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Sure, in game data can be wrong. There are numerous points to discuss about in-game realism.

However, my point is that in game Khrizantema missile flies for 6 km, while gunner’s sight displays 10 km. Even if the missile variant is different, not looking into missile stats, just pure testing, you get 6 km while game displays on in-game UI 10 km.
It is just pure game UI issue.

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Can you show missile destroying itself when reaching 6 KM range?

1 Year ago.

1 month ago

Not my photos.

Edit: Its probably indeed is an UI bug, after all Mi28NM can use Vikhr, which has same range, so maybe its UI messing up displaying right distance cap. Sure 9M123M exists with 10km range, but in game its 9M123 used.

I have made a recording. You can see it through the link below. It is on Youtube.

A test flight with Khrizantema missile:
First launch to the mountain 6300 meters away. Missile explodes in the air.
Second launch to the same mountain from 5400 meter away. Missile hits the mountain.

It can be seen that UI displays distance of Khrizantem missile incorrectly.

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Can you try doing that but with being higher in air? I know Vikhr missiles go up to 8.6 km (at least wiki says so), but if you add how high your heli is, it can go up to 10 km.

What for? Missile programed (in game) to liquidate after its max distance immediately, missile does not fly further without its engine. Your assumption can work with Zuni or other missiles without guidance, but it is not the case here.

Also, you can see that lazer range finder shows exactly the distance to the object that I am shooting at. If I go higher while staying at the same place, I will just have a longer distance to the mountain (based on Pythagorean theorem).

I believe that is enough evidence for the UI bug. For me it is a clear mistake by game developer, they just forgot to change a UI setting for particular rocket. I would like to stop this discussion until we receive some sort of reply from the Guijin responsible.

Alright, sorry for the inconvenience.

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