Mi-28a has IRCM in the game?

Have a question that mi28a seems dont have any IRCM components. But its really hard to attack through IR-AAM in the game now.(need to get into around 1km to lock)

I wonder if this is a bug or it`s just like this.
BTW, if mi28a does have IRCM, RB rank 10.3 is too low for it (most player has no radar AA to fight against with mi28a)

I checked the games wiki page and didnt find HIRSS mark on mi-28a or other mi-28s, so what make it so hard to lock-on by the IR-SAM/IR-AAM

What missile AA are you using?

You are aware that the Mig 24 variants already as well have the IRCM ? and they are 9.7, so that isnt realy and argument

But the Mi-28a specialy doesnt have IRCM and some AA is situational as example stinger missle work worse on cold maps and you need a smaller distance to be able to lock aircraft

fim-92k and ty-90, nether could catch it unless get to a really close range

yeah, but a mi28a do have 9m120(16x) which is much better than mi24p(8x9m114).
And it seems that mi24p could be locked-on over 2km.
Meanwhile, mi24p could not track the ground target but mi28a could.

What I mean is a heli with 16x9m120 and got a close lock-on range by IR-AAM/IR-SAM(in 2km) is overpowered at 10.3.