Mi-28A 1993 prototype with a three-bladed tail rotor

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The Mi-28 is represented in our game in several modifications and all of them have a similar (actually the same) appearance. However, there were a few pieces that were different:
I’m talking about early prototypes that did not have the characteristic X-shaped tail rotor plumage for the following historical reason:

The four-bladed rudder propeller was designed in an X-shaped pattern to reduce noise and increase efficiency. Its hub consisted of two modules mounted one above the other on hub splines. Each module was an articulation of two blade arms. The blade included a fiberglass spar and a tail section made of a honeycomb block and fiberglass skin. The carrier and rudder propeller blades were equipped with an electrothermal de-icing system. Unfortunately, the development of X-shaped steering propeller delayed and the first prototype Mi-28 until 1987 used steering propellers from the Mi-24.

Meet the handsome:


The first prototype of the Mi-28A in its original form with a three-bladed tail rotor, MAKS-1999 air show, Zhukovsky, 1999.

The other copy is our days 032 yellow:


022 yellow


It seems to me that such early prototypes must appear in the game, especially since the later Mi-28A is in the Swedish branch, but not in the country of production


  • Crew: 2 people
  • Fuselage length: 17.05 m
  • Height: 3.82
  • Width with wing consoles 5.88 m
  • Diameter of the main rotor: 17.2 m
  • Tail rotor diameter: 3.85 m
  • Weight:
    empty: 8095 kg
    normal take-off weight: 10900 kg
    maximum take-off weight: 12100 kg
    Combat load weight: 2300 kg
    Fuel weight: 1500 kg
  • Power plant:
    Engine Type: Turboshaft
    Quantity, model: 2 VK-2500 / VK-2500P engines (FADEC)
    in emergency mode: 2 × 2700 hp / 2800
    in take-off mode: 2 × 2200 hp / 2500
    in cruising mode: 2 × 1500 hp.



Built-in rifle and cannon: 1 × 30 mm 2A42 cannon, 250 rounds of ammunition.
Suspension points: 4
Unguided missile: S-8 — 4 x 20 pcs; S-13 Unguided missiles are designed to destroy manpower, light armored vehicles and infrastructure facilities.
Guided missile: ATGM “Sturm-V”; “Attack-V”; “Attack-VN” (16 pcs.)
“Air-to-air”: Igla-V rocket

By Specs Mi-28A prototype will be as similar as possible to the Mi-28A. Armament, OEPS and other absolutely the same. Perhaps there will be slightly different maneuverability because of the different tail rotor, but I do not think it will be significant.

Bonus is a gorgeous HISTORIC camouflage, I think of all the boards that I showed this one is the most beautiful:

A helicopter can be squadron, premium (golden egles purchase), or be in a tree - all of these places are earned. However, I believe the squadron or premium vehicles options (for gold eagles) are the most correct ones



Уголок неба ¦ Миль Ми-28


I hope it’s tech tree


Would you think that Gaijin would add the R-73 to the Mi-28NM?

Mi-28nm dont use it irl

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.