MH-60L DAP Guns cannot be fired seperately

The 7.62s and 30s/12.7s cannot be fired separately from primary, secondary guns and or large caliber, small caliber. These guns should be able to be fired separately as other wise it is just a waist of ammo for the 7.62 guns to be fired at a tank when only the 12.7s or 30s are needed to be used.


7.62 is worthless anyway.
12.7 is meh against tanks.
30 is nice.
have you tried to have secondary weapon selection enabled?
it allows you to select weapons

also go to settings, there are separate keys for small calibre and large calibre guns

I have spent the last 2 days trying to figure out a way to separate the guns and haven’t managed to do so, so I’m either extremely stupid or you just cannot do it. The 7.62s are very useful when dealing with other aircraft and sometimes light vehicles.

its a premium right?
ill go check

the MH-60 is not a premium no. it’s the last helicopter in the left line for US

hmm could you upload a video of it then?
also please ensure that you have weapon selection enabled

sure gimme a sec

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The guns both fall under “Gun pods” and I cannot switch off of them leading to having to fire them both. the 12.7s and 30s do not fall under large caliber nor to the 7.62s fall under small caliber so both are forced to fire at the same time. Should honestly be categorized into small and large and it would instantly fix the issue.

Tried uploading it. 4mb videos are the largest I can do which is 5 seconds. nowhere near long enough to show what you want.

ah i see… then you can put a bug report to have them fix the issue