MG151 and mk108 feel like plinkers against american aircraft

Today i went on k4 against an ad2 that was LITERALLY stalling itself out in front of me, with the three mg151 config and all i got is a “hit” point blank with the stealth belts. Then the ad2 magically pulled out and started dogfighting, i couldn’t keep up because most american attackers fly like yaks with airbrake and eventually failed the reversal. Yesterday I was on the fw190 A8 and same thing, American planes just would shrug off mg151s. Same when I went with ta152H1.

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Take a me262a1 with mine shells you will feel better trust me

Do you think every plane magically blows up in confetti if you hit it?

Both MG 151/20 and MK 108 hit quite hard.

I had no problems getting kills in the Italian Bf-109 G14AS.

As long as you hit with Mineshells, the damage is very good with both 20mm and 30mm.

So this topic doesn’t really provide any base for any discussion appart from: X vehicle/gun is bad