Mg 151s and AN/M3s performing horribly

Both of these cannons I’m finding are doing no damage to targets other than hits, very inconsistent, and with the Mg 151s velocity being so slow they’re extremely difficult to use.

Step 1: add realshatter

Step 2: watch playerbase suffer

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I really haven’t had an issue with the anm3 in the bearcat I haven’t played 109’s in a while so I can’t talk about the 151 right now.

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need to shoot more accurately. mg 151 has good damage

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Haven’t noticed any change with AN/M3s lately, they are still great and shred aircraft. MG 151/20s definitely have taken a bit, though I don’t know if that was recent or an older change. They’re not exactly bad but are not great like they once were.

MG151/20 doesn’t have realshatter rn btw


I played a game with the F2H that had 7x hits on a G91 Pre Serie before it died.

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I would say damage wise the MG 151/20 (Mineshells) are around as good they should be.
Their implementation just doesn’t make much sense, since they create a sphere of doom, since they don’t have realShatter.
The problem is that they not only have the worst ballistics out of any other 20mm cannon, other cannons simply deal way too much damage with their explosive rounds.

I haven’t used the MG 151/20 in a while and took them out in the Bf 109 F-4 and Fw 190 A-5/U2.
I also played around with them on the test-drive map.

It seems they have hardly better ballsitics than 30mm Mk 108s, which of course hit way harder.

I did a small test and at 400m, the MG 151/20 impact almost the same time against a static T-34 from 400m.

But that seems to be correct.
Infact at 800m the 20mm Mineshell and the 30mm Mine-Tracer have the same flight time according to German ballistic data, with only the 20mm round having a more favourable ballistic curve.
Only below 400m will the 20mm have an advantage due to higher initial muzzle velocity.

From the test-flight, it didn’t seem like there was a ballistic difference between the 30mm HEI and the 30mm HEI-T, even though it should be substantial.

The 20mm M3 just hit has hard as any other 20mm cannon while having the best ballistics toghether with Hispanos.