Mexican air vehicles and ground vehicles

Can there be like Mexican vehicles like p-47s from the Aztec Eagles or, Mexican F5 I think Mexico has like helicopters and a little bit of ground vehicles.

You need more information than “I think”, you need sources and you need other information.

Mexico doesn’t really have a modern military. Having an Aztec Eagle P-47 as a Premium special event vehicle in the American tech tree would be cool to have though. Out side of that there is nothing other than f5’s they have now retired. Not much there to work with.

I have some bad news and some good news

the bad news: Mexico has no domestic aircraft, though Mexico does operate some aircraft that we do not have in game

the good news: Mexico does have some domestic & semi-domestic designs

Henschel-Sadena HWK-11: A Germano-Mexican Tracked APC that was prototyped with various weapons including the turret from a ERC90 and a version with a 20mm autocannon


DNV Toro: A Mexican built APC with a 20mm GIAT autocannon


DNV Buffalo: A DNV Toro but with a turret from a M8 Scott


There may be a prototype/production vehicle or two that i may miss so if there is any, please let me know